Two industrial designers have come up with a way for people to continue living after they have passed away. Roger and Gerard Moliné have created Bios urn and Bios Incube, a system using cremated remains, soil, and seedlings to grow a tree.

The casing is made of coconuts shells, cellulose, and peat. The human remains work as fertilizer. A person can choose what type of tree or plant they wish to grow into. “Bios Urn transforms the burial ritual in a regeneration and return to life through nature. As a result, cemeteries become forests,†explains Moline.

The Bio urn is 100% biodegradable. People can choose to use all of the ashes or just a portion.

There are two major components; the Bios Incube and the Bios Urn. The first works as the incubator and the second as the capsule holding the seed, human remains, and soil.

A sensor syncs the Bios Incube to the smartphone, allowing users to monitor the tree.

Watch how the Bio urn works.

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