The Invisalign is a great, nearly imperceptible alternative to traditional braces — but getting them can cost thousands of dollars.

Digital design major Amos Dudley came up with a different solution: He has been straightening his teeth with clear braces that he made himself, using a 3D printer.

For 16 weeks, Dudley has worn custom trays of his own design to fix his teeth — and all for the cost of $60. It’s pretty ingenious, and the results are on par with anything you’d see from an orthodontist. See more of his story (and his incredible results) below.

This is Amos Dudley, a design student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

He used NJIT’s equipment to scan and print models of his teeth, and mold non-toxic plastic around them to form the set of 12 clear braces.

The cost for the supplies (not including the school’s printer)? A mere $60.

He measured how much his teeth needed to move, then created a series of these retainers to help him get there.

Dudley’s process was basically the same as any orthodontist’s, though he did say that it was difficult to determine how teeth move and what it would take to get them in line.

Despite that, his results are pretty impressive. Could this be the beginning of a new, less expensive trend in orthodontia?

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Amos Dudley