When done correctly, stock images can help to enhance, educate, inspire and illuminate. When done incorrectly however, they can lead to unexpected trips to the emergency room.

Take these pictures below for example. See anything strange about them? They look innocent enough…right? Wrong! Because as those of you who know even a little about soldering will probably have noticed, the models, so studiously engaged in their circuit boards, are holding the soldering irons in a rather unusual fashion. And by rather unusual I mean REALLY DANGEROUS, because the rod that they’re gripping just happens to be the part that gets hot. Really hot. Hot enough to melt solder in fact.

We can only assume that the soldering irons aren’t plugged in. Well, either that or these models have superhuman abilities to withstand agonizing heat. Whatever the truth, these pictures serve to remind us that even when we’re instructed how to do something, it never hurts to ask questions.

(h/t: PetaPixel)