This may just be heaven for cat lovers everywhere. Meow Parlour is the latest and trendiest coffee shop in New York City but it’s not about the people that hang out there, it’s all about the cats. The cat café is the perfect place for people to enjoy a cup of hot java while cuddling with a feline. The cats come from Kitty Kind, a rescue and adoption group.

Co-owners of the coffee shop, Emilie Legrand and Christian Ha’s goal is to encourage people to get to know the kitties and prompt them to begin the process of adoption. Visitors can make reservations online to hang out up to five hours with their new fur ball friends.

Meow Parlour opened in 2014 in New York. Although, cat cafés are popular in Asia and Europe.

The furniture is specifically designed so cats can exercise and play.

Each feline is given awesome names like Squinkles, Spot, and Lucky Lemon.

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