11 Best Luxury Watches Every Man Should Own

Much like how women are prone to fashion statements, men are also no different. It’s just that they express these sentiments in a more subtle way. Think watches – other people might see this accessory as a mere bauble that tells time. But this is not actually the case because the variations between each model and each brand are quite numerous.

Men are always on the lookout for watches that give a powerful and strong impression because it allows for a great accessory to go with their style. Some prefer it to be elegant, while others lean towards functional. This is the reason why there are also luxurious and practical brands that offer different kinds of models of various types.

The great Yves Saint Laurent was once quoted as saying, ‘fashions fade, but style is eternal’. This is a moniker that we could all learn a thing or two from, especially when it comes to watches.

There are a select number of timepieces that have gained iconic status over time, thanks in no large part to their functionality and dedication to timeless design. They have become the signature pieces of their respective brands, instantly recognisable and equally admired by connoisseurs, enthusiasts and just those with an eye for quality. These are the 11 best luxury watches.

11. Hublot Big Bang




2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Hublot’s iconic model, the Big Bang. The bold shaped watch is instantly recognisable, and has been so phenomenally successful – 44,000 were sold in 2014 – that it now lays serious claim to being considered an icon of not just modern watch design, but watch design immemorial. Given the brand’s meteoric rise under the leadership of Jean Claude Biver it might be surprising to know that Hublot has quite a long history – being founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. What might be even more surprising is that many elements that are synonymous with the Big Bang exist on the original model from 1980. The hooded lugs with exposed screws, the rubber strap and the screwed down bezel which, like other popular ’70s and ’80s designs is based on a ship’s porthole. In fact the name Hublot comes from the French word for porthole.


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