If you have wads of cash and an overflowing bank account, the world is full of unimaginable luxury. Many of us get a glimpse into this type of lifestyle through following celebrities like the Kardashians. Not to mention the fact that celebrities are all over our magazines, televisions and in our favorite movies. It can be hard to imagine spending thousands of dollars on a pair of sunglasses, at least unless you’re rich! Though we have all daydreamed about what we would do if we won the lottery with bright green dollar signs flashing in our eyes.
Sometimes luxury isn’t about finding the most expensive items, rather it is about spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that normal people buy from the dollar store. After all, why buy regular staples when you can buy gold ones?
This list is going to show the craziest and most outrageously expensive items that we could find. Ranging from the biggest and baddest cars, to toilet seats, to a $30 million bikini!
So what are some of the most expensive luxury items that money can buy? Let’s take a look, especially since that is all most of us can afford to do!

18. $4.8 Million Car


via koenigsegg.com
Picking the most expensive car isn’t completely straightforward. There are plenty of antique cars sold at auctions for a shocking price tag, but this list is about modern luxury. This car isn’t going to sit inside a museum, it can actually be legally driven on the road. This car is the CCXR Trevita created by Koenigsegg. It is considered the first green supercar because of its ability to run on recyclable ethanol. The engine delivers an incredible 806 bhp, and when running on E85 Biofuel the power increases to 1018 bhp. But why in the world does it cost close to 5 million dollars? The answer is because of the Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave. Yes, the car is literally cover in diamonds. It would be an awful thing to scratch this beauty, so maybe it will just end up sitting in a museum.


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