3. Soda accelerates aging


All of the anti-aging products on the market suggest that people don’t even want to age at a normal rate. Well, continuing your soda habit can really speed things up in that department.

All sodas – including diet versions – contain phosphoric acid, which gives them their tangy flavor and extends their shelf life by fending off bacteria and mold.

Excess phosphoric acid has been linked to kidney problems, decreases in bone density, osteoporosis, and muscle loss, due to its interference with calcium absorption in the body.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, a study published by FASEBJ Journal found that mice with high phosphate levels died five weeks earlier than mice with normal phosphate levels.

It’s not just your insides that will benefit from giving up soda. I’ve found that quitting sugar gives my skin a youthful glow. At the very least, give this a try before blowing all of your money on anti-aging face creams.


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