12. Some sodas contain highly toxic flame retardants


Flame retardants are typically present on items that, you know, you don’t want catching on fire. Things like your sofa or bed sheets. But I bet you didn’t know that many sodas, particularly citrus flavored drinks, contain flame retardants in the form of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) as well.

BVO is used as an ingredient in sodas in order to stop the flavoring from separating from the drink. Unfortunately, the chemical has been linked to alarming conditions, such as nerve disorders, memory loss, and skin lesions.

As a result, the chemical has been banned for use in sodas across Europe and Japan, but it’s still present in many North American drinks.

In 2014, both Pepsi and Coca-Cola announced that they would remove BVO from their products, but the chemical can still be found in many sodas that aren’t manufactured by these companies.


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