11. Soda is seriously bad for your teeth


The pesky phosphoric acid I mentioned earlier – the one that interferes with calcium absorption and can lead to osteoporosis – is also a nightmare for your teeth.

This acid can lead to tooth decay, tooth rot, cavities, and gum disease. And remember, this acid is also present in diet sodas, so there’s really no getting out of this one if you stay committed to your soda habit.

A study published in the journal General Dentistry states that the oral damage caused by soda is just as bad, sometimes even worse, than that of long term drug usage.

In fact, in one case study shared in the study, a woman had to have all of her teeth removed as a result of drinking too much diet soda. I freaked out having just one wisdom tooth removed – I can’t even imagine the pain of having all of my teeth removed!

“Each person experienced serve tooth erosion caused by high acid levels present in their ‘drug’ of choice –  meth, crack, or soda,” says Mohamed A.Bassiouny, DMD, MSc, PhD, lead author of the study.

“The citric acid present in both regular and diet soda is known to have a high potential for causing tooth erosion,” says Dr. Bassiouny.

If the thought of losing your smile isn’t terrifying enough, maybe the thousands of dollars spent on dental procedures will convince you to give up this devastating beverage.


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