16 Hidden Secrets Nobody Tells You About Soda

It’s 2016 and most of us are already fully aware of the fact that soda isn’t exactly a health food.

However, you probably aren’t familiar with the full extent of soda’s side effects and the destruction it can wreak within our bodies.

I’m here to change that.

While advice suggesting that you ditch your favorite can of sugary water is old news, some more recent scientific findings about soda are anything but.

In fact, if consumed regularly, you could be inviting a full suite of the most undesirable diseases into your life – most of which are express lanes to an early death.

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear me say that sugar is the main ingredient causing all the fuss.

But all the diet soda drinkers out there aren’t off the hook either. Both kinds of soda are detrimental to your health, and I’m going to explain why…

1. Soda causes weight gain in all the wrong places


If you consume excess sugar in the form of soda, there’s a high chance it will lead to excess fat on your body. I’m not talking about the sexy “Beyonce” kind that gathers on the hips, thighs and bum (medically known as subcutaneous fat).

I’m talking about visceral fat. This is the kind that gathers around vital organs, such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and stomach, and has been closely linked with type 2 diabetes and other inflammatory diseases.

In fact, one recent study found that consumption of regular soda caused increases of more than 100 percent in both liver fat and skeletal fat – alarming statistics, considering that excess liver fat can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The most telling visual sign indicating visceral fat is a protruding belly, so if you’ve noticed some expansion in this area, you’ll need to reign in your sugar intake ASAP.

Not sure if your waist circumference is increasing? I know I can usually tell if I’ve been eating and drinking too much sugar when my jeans become difficult to zip up!

Diet soda drinkers aren’t immune.

A University of Texas study found that over a ten-year period, participants who drank diet soda saw a 70 percent increase in waist circumference compared with those who didn’t drink any soda.


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