Manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression


From the big issues like global warming, to simply surviving the morning commute, our lives are definitely getting more and more stressful.As I mentioned earlier, green tea contains l-theanine. Aside from protecting against certain neurological conditions, this amino acid also has anti-anxiety effects. It increases the levels of dopamine and an acid called GABA, both of which have a positive effect on our mood.

Studies have shown that the polyphenols in green tea have anti-depressant like effects, and can help fight symptoms of depression. Green tea has also been associated with a lower overall level of psychological distress.

So next time you’re overwhelmed or stressed because you’re going to miss that all important deadline, or the babysitter has cancelled, don’t reach for a slice of greasy pizza or stodgy donut, pop on the kettle and relax with a cup of calming green tea.


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