Anybody who’s ever been cheated on will know that it sucks. Big time. Not that I’m talking from experience here. I’m not. But if I was then I’d say that it’s a pretty traumatic and heart-wrenching experience. Or so I imagine. Anyway…

People deal with being cheated on in different ways. Some people go nuts. Others not so much. Some people deal with it by sleeping with their partner’s brother or sister (or both). Many people cry. A lot (but not me). And maybe this Imgur user did just that. But once he stopped blubbering, he then managed to reclaim his dignity by breaking up with his unfaithful girlfriend in the funniest way possible.

Take a look at the card below to see just what I’m talking about. Even though the girl in question has at least three (or six?) other shoulders to cry on, the fact remains that while this guy lost his girlfriend, he did at least manage to keep his awesome sense of humor.

(h/t: BinanoSplat)

“Found out my girlfriend is cheating on me. Giving her this card tonight at my birthday dinner”