3. Patek Philippe, Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication Pocket Watch – $11 Million


Via ealuxe.com

In 1925 watch aficionado and banker Henry Graves Jr. commissioned Patek Philippe to create a unique pocket watch. The task was born out of a competition between Graves and automobile manufacturer James Ward Packard over who could get the most complicated watch made – a strange competition indeed. Eight years later the watch was complete. What Patek Philippe had created for Graves was the most complicated hand-made watch ever. Defined as ultra-complicated, the watch has 24 functions, including a perpetual calendar, the night sky of New York City, moon phases, a power reserve and sunrise and sunset indicators. Do you like it? If so, it’s due up on the auction block this November and experts say it will fetch at least $15 million this time around.


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