Typically, you don’t want to go around dyeing your pets all different colors. For one, it’s usually not safe. It can also go very, very wrong.

However, one Singaporean company offers this very service: They dye chow chows to look like pandas, despite criticism. The pushback started when company owner Meng Jiang posted a photo of three chow chows dyed and groomed to look exactly like pandas, a practice that many have called “disgusting” and “cruel.”

Jiang claims that the criticisms are unfounded, and that the dye doesn’t hurt the animals. She also says that people absolutely love them IRL. Check out the photos below — what do you think of these chow-pandas?

For all intents and purposes, the dyed dogs are pretty cute.

That being said, it’s typically not the best idea to subject an animal to something like this.

Still, the owners of the panda chow chows say the criticism is unfounded.

“Scores of people always kept coming over, wanting to take pictures with them,” Jiang says.

What do you think?

To see these controversial pups in action, check out the video below.

Anton V.,
Channel News Asia