Lace Sleeve Dress

Whether you have a more modern-style short-sleeve wedding dress or an elegant and traditional-style long-sleeve lace wedding dress, there is nothing as stunning as a do-it-yourself (DIY) bridal gown. When you add your own personal touches to your dress, you can achieve a look that is unique and breathtaking. You can be certain that no other bride in the world will have this exact dress. Believe it or not, a DIY wedding dress is easier to create than you might think. However, do make sure you have plenty of time before your big day — you don’t want to rush this.

Crochet Wedding Dresses


One magnificent idea is to crochet your own wedding gown. If you don’t know how to crochet, either you can learn or you can find someone else that does. The results are so magnificent that you can be certain that it will be time and money spent wisely. There are dozens of crochet patterns for wedding gowns available to choose from. You can find them on the Internet or in a craft store. Whichever pattern you choose, you are guaranteed to find a winner.

Lace Wedding Gowns


Many brides feel that there is nothing as elegant as a long-sleeve lace wedding dress. Did you know that you can achieve this look yourself? You can purchase a standard plain wedding gown in whatever material you want, then buy the lace of your choice to add to it. Once again, you can find a suitable pattern online and use it as a guide. There are a myriad of options when it comes to do-it-yourself wedding dresses. Lace is one of those choices you can’t go wrong with.

Colored Wedding Dresses


A white wedding dress is definitely traditional, but have you ever thought of making a colored wedding dress? A colored dress is no longer taboo for a wedding. The color you pick will make your wedding gown truly unique and quite fashionable. For instance, you can pick an ivory white material and add a modestly colored floral pattern throughout the dress. Or you can choose gown that is completely a different color, such as a pale pink, or very light lilac, or another pastel color. Some brides are now picking a bold color such as red or gold metallic. Nowadays, there’s no wrong color choice for a bridal gown, and the results are simply gorgeous.

Adding Fringe to Your Gown


Have you ever thought about adding fringe to your wedding gown? This option has been made popular by designers in the United Arab Emirates, however, it’s quite easy to accomplish if a bride wants to do it herself. All you need to do is purchase some fringe that you feel is attractive and sew it onto your bare gown. You will see a once-plain-looking wedding gown truly come alive. You will be the envy of all other brides in this most-elegant dress.

Adding a Sash to Your Wedding Gown


This is a very simple and fabulous addition that you can make to your wedding dress. From a tea-length dress to a floor-length one, you can’t go wrong when you add a sash. You can select any color or material you want and add an attractive centerpiece to it. The centerpiece could be grandma’s brooch, mom’s unique pin, or any other piece with sentimental value. It’s amazing what a sash can do for a wedding gown.

You can have the ultimate wedding dress of your dreams when you make it yourself. You will have a dress that no other bride in the world will have. Then, you can hand that dress down to your daughter or your niece and begin a family tradition of your very own. Get started today!

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