We’ve all heard of DIY projects that repurpose old items laying around the house. Well, the reality is you can repurpose ANYTHING — including broken items.

None of us likes breaking something. Whether the item was brand new and didn’t deserve it or very old and had it coming — it’s something you initially think you now have to throw out. Not necessarily.

A man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or in this situation: a man’s trash can become that man’s treasure.

Just below we’ve compiled various projects that can help you transform the broken household items you have laying around into something of use.

#1. Turn a broken piano into a hidden workbench.

#2. Turn broken pots into plant markers.

#3. Create a fish tank out of an old computer monitor.

Even if the monitor’s still working, you know nobody’s going to use it.

#4. Make wind chimes out of broken dishes and silverware.

#5. Turn an old dresser into a bench.

#6. Make a glove out of an old or ripped up stuffed animal.

#7. Turn chipped teacups into cute curtain tiebacks.

Turn chipped teacups into cute curtain tiebacks.


#8. Or make lighting out of them.

#9. Turn broken rackets into mirrors.

#10. Create a swing out of a broken chair.

#11. Get rid of the broken glass and turn your picture frame into an earring holder display.

#12. Turn old and/or torn books into shelves.

#13. Turn a broken door into a coat rack.

#14. Or use it to create a crafting table.

#15. Get rid of the strings and turn a broken guitar into a unique shelf.

#16. Turn parts of a broken desk into a nightstand.

#17. Create a multi-serving tray out of a broken chandelier.

#18. Melt your old crayons to make new ones.

#19. Turn a broken umbrella into one of those ginormous kid parachute things.

#20. Rip a piece out of your already ripped up jeans and turn them into napkins.

#21. Turn a broken ladder into bookshelves.

#22. Or use them as foundations to a birdhouse.

#23. Create two desks out of a broken table.

#24. Turn a broken screen door into a pot rack for your kitchen.

#25. Turn a worn-out mattress spring into a pinboard and/or desk organizer.

#26. Combine broken mini blinds together to create a picture frame.

blinds – picture frame

#27. Turn broken jewelry into magnets.

#28. Turn a broken rake into a wineglass holder.

#29. Create a sofa out of a broken bathtub.

#30. Create shelves out of a broken dresser.