If you have a pet, you’ve seen them go through a series of moods. Excited. Hungry. Sleepy. Hungry. And if you have a cat, distant. Every now and then, you’ll find their faces scrunched, lips curled, and foreheads wrinkled. That’s when you know you’ve got a case of the grumps on your hands. Depending on the situation, you might want to give them a hug, some space, or refill their bowls with food and water. In the process, however, many of us like to document their amusing “I hate you” expressions.

Below you’ll find 30 animals that give Grumpy Cat a run for her money!

#1. This one’s ready to rumble.

#2. We know why this one’s feeling grumpy. Hang in there!

#3. Angry dog covered in an Angry Birds blanket.

#4. This pretty kitty is not amused.

#5. Now, that’s an Angry Bird!

#6. These two have spent their whole lives fighting.

#7. “What are YOU staring at?”

#8. “Why hasn’t my coffee arrived yet?!”

#9. Earl woke up like this.

#10. This one sees right through you.

#11. Hate. Being. Towel. Dried.

#12. The most adorable snarl.

#13. Is anyone else really, really scared?

#14. Hiyah!

#15. Don’t have a cow. Heh heh.

#16. The biggest pout ever.

#17. “I told you that I wanted to drive today.”

#18. “Where’s my food, human?”

#19. Imagine being in traffic with this car ahead of you.

#20. It’s tough being King.

It's tough being King.


#22. You can’t look any more fed up than this.

#23. This is what love looks like.

#24. An expression that sums up life way too perfectly.

#25. “Another picture? $5, human.”

#26. “This is the LAST time I’m playing with you, snow!”

#27. This one just can’t take it anymore.

This one just can't take it anymore.

#28. Devious eyes.

Devious eyes.

#29. “Can’t year ya and don’t really wanna.”

#30. “Oh, please.” (rolls eyes)

"Oh, please." (rolls eyes)