Most people are used to a routine. They wake up, go to work, see the same people everyday, do the same work everyday, go home, sleep, and wake up to do it all over again. It may not be the most exciting of routines, but sometimes it’s all you got. It’s only on rare days where they’ll experience something that breaks that usual routine. It’s those experiences that make you take a double look and puts you in a moment of thought.

Well here we have an entire post full of double looks and moments of ponder. Some images are more interesting than others but they all have one thing in common: they’re not something you’d usually see on an average day. It’s these kinds of things that help remind us that the world is full of quirky and weird wonders.

#1. An upside down rainbow.

#2. A pepper within a pepper.

#3. The result of water leaking between the wall and paint.

#4. A garbage man from heaven.

A garbage man from heaven.

#5. This incredibly unique tree.

#6. Sidewalks with paths for the blind.

#7. Unmelted snow pattern.

#8. A sink built into the top of a toilet.

#9. A flower that grew out of a leaf instead of a stem.

#10. A potato that was left in a kitchen cabinet for 3 months.

#11. A shell-less egg freshly laid out of a chicken.

#12. An injured swan hugging a man who just saved him.

#13. Oh you know, just sitting outside with a suitcase on my head.

#14. Snakes that got electrocuted while inside an electrical box.

#15. A urinal inside a stall?

#16. Taco Bell getting pizza delivered to it.


This pool table is actually a giant tablet with a pool app loaded onto it

#18. A boss grandma.

A boss grandma.

#19. Didn’t know bathing in hay was a thing.

Didn't know bathing in hay was a thing.

#20. A chandelier made out of doll hair.

#21. Mushrooms growing on tree bark.

#22. The coolest truck ever?

#23. A hot tub that’s above the clouds.

#24. A machine that dispense individual sheets of toilet paper.

#25. A purple sourpatch kid?!