A simple look at the timeline of human evolution will make you realize that history is full of wars and people fighting against each other for one reason or another. In most cases, organized wars are usually launched by governments and their leaders, not by the common people, and they are often the result of greedy people’s desire for control of certain lands and the resources found there. Even though war is the ultimate and absolutely worst solution to resolve differences between two or more groups, the atrocities that take place during it are even worse than the war itself. This is how the concept of war crimes emerged at the end of the nineteenth century, when the body of customary international law applicable to warfare between sovereign states was codified.

There have been many war crimes since the term first began to be officially used, and it’s truly terrifying to think how many more there would be if the concept existed from the start of military history. Some of the deadliest war crimes include the violent colonization of the Americas, the Holocaust, and the Holodomor, but we are afraid these are only some of the most well-known and not just solitary incidents. These are 25 Lesser-Known But Horrific War Crimes That Might Shock You.

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Bleiburg Repatriations

Bleiburg Repatriations

Source: Wikipedia, Image: Wikipedia

The Bleiburg repatriations encompass events that took place after World War II in Europe, when tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians associated with the Axis Powers fleeing Yugoslavia were repatriated to that country. Thousands were murdered or subjected to forced labor camps.



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