In this day and age, you can receive an award for anything — literally anything. You can even customize and create your very own reward certificate/trophy/ribbon.

But nobody wants to reward themselves. Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work and/or skill and then get rewarded for it.

However, not all of us can be first place. Some of us are second place or even 254th place and that’s okay. Like I said before, today you can receive an award for anything — whether it be last place or for having the worst car parking ever. And we’ve got photos to prove it.

#1. The true meaning of MVP.

#2. Such a great recognition award!

#3. An award for the kiss ass of the office.


#4. You took it, like a boss.

#5. You did it!!

#6. Woah, what’s this award for.

#7. Well said.

#8. Sounds like my kind of award.

#9. Good work Tim!

#10. Who doesn’t want a human anatomy leg trophy?

#11. I need to give a few of these out myself.

#12. What was the analogy?

#13. At least you’re not 254th.

#14. Now that’s a talent.

#15. Even crappy performances get rewarded!

#16. An award for monkeying around.

#17. The most literal ribbon award you can have.

#18. For the cry baby.

#19. Who care about the chili cook-off, I just want this trophy.

#20. For just $6.50, you can become a self proclaimed horse’s ass.

#21. Thank you for the many kind words.

#22. For the forgetful parents!

#23. Ain’t no better way to say “you stink.”

#24. The type of award that you would want to see at your dentist’s office.

#25. It would be such an honor to receive this award.