Have you ever received a message from a wrong number? Who hasn’t right? Sometimes, you might find yourself staring at a strange text sent from an unknown number. With billions of messages sent by people all over the world every day, it makes sense that not all texts make it to the intended destination. However, the real question here is: What do you do when you happen to receive a message that is not supposed to be for you? Naturally, most people would reply with something simple (and boring) like “Sorry, wrong number” or they might not even respond at all but fortunately for us, there are people out there who don’t adhere to these simple formalities. There are people out there who see receiving a wrong number text as a great opportunity to show off their witty and borderline genius sense of humor. Consequently, the internet is brimming with thousands of screenshots of painfully funny, witty and sometimes even bitterly mischievous responses to wrong number texts. If you want to see how creative some people can actually be when it comes to replying to wrong number messages, check out these 25 Epic Responses To Wrong Number Texts.

Epic Responses To Wrong Number Texts

Image: viralfact.com


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