We’ve all been there. We’re waltzing around our favorite store, club, event, when suddenly nature comes calling and is begging for an answer (more like demanding an answer). In a horrified panic we quickly scan the area to find clues as to where we can meet nature’s demands when we see them; the iconic bathroom signs that seem to say to us “come here and let nature out”. These signs have become our friends over the years; after all, they are responsible for saving us from many embarrassing situations. So it should come as no surprise that some artistic folk have taken it upon themselves to show some creative appreciation in return. You’ve never seen bathroom signs quite like this before we can assure you. So get ready, because your friendly neighborhood bathroom signs are about to get a makeover and the results are hilariously insane! Check out these 25 most creative bathroom signs you have ever seen.

Creative bathroom sings

Image: scoopwhoop.com


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