Have you ever experienced a funny coincidence? Like maybe one day you were walking around downtown, sporting your new shirt when out of nowhere you run into your best friend…wearing the same shirt. Was it fate, coincidence, or were they peeking through your window in order to figure out what shirt you were wearing so that they too could wear that same shirt…(lets hope it was just coincidence). These type of situations happen all the time; two seemingly random events that pair up in such a fashion that it seems as if they were meant to be together. Some coincidences can be comical, others can be somewhat scary (like your friend…you guys really need to set some boundaries). We prefer the comical coincidences which is why today we are going to entertain you with 25 Comical Coincidences That Show Life Has A Sense Of Humor…a twisted sense of humor.


Sounds familiar, huh?

Funny coincidences

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