Three facts about cats:

1. They sleep for most of their lives
2. When they’re not sleeping, they’re plotting to take over the world
3. When they’re not sleeping or plotting to take over the world, they’re looking for some place to keep warm

All the proof you need can be found in these pictures. And as you can see, sometimes a cat will do anything to fulfill the third item on that list. Ain’t no sunshine? The radiator will do. Can’t find a warm human to sleep on? Use their laptop. Can’t find a radiator or a laptop? Then use the oven! Cats are infinitely inventive when it comes to finding warmth. Let’s just hope they’re not so creative when it comes to their plans for world domination…

Have a cat that loves to keep warm? Then feel free to share your pictures and don’t forget to comment!

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Warm Spot

Hot Burrito

Sun cats

Winter Sun

cat warmer

I present to you, my kitten, sunbathing

My cat sunbathes under the desk lamp in my office every day

Just my cat sunbathing in a lamp is all

My cat comes in from the cold and puts her paws on the lamp to warm them up

She loves the warm air coming out of the laptop

he sun is sssoooo warm

Deprived cat loves the sun

Installation of a heating lamp always rectifies the “cat on keyboard” syndrome

kittens magnet

Cat Warmer

Warm spot… I find it

radiator lover

perfect place to take a nap

Warm Spot

This is my heater. There are many like it, but this one is mine

sleeping kitty

Warm Spot

we find a perfect spot

warm spot

A warm spot

I found the warm spot


Ginger and Sybil on the cooker, as it cooled down after supper