Decorating a new home is both an exciting and challenging experience. It may feel that it’s easier to decorate from a blank slate, albeit very expensive. There is no need to buy everything new, you probably have some pretty cool furniture and accessories that just need a little help to give your living space the look you want.

Here are some very impressive home decor DIYs. You’ll be surprised how easy and inexpensive it will be to bring your vision to life. #13 may just be my next DIY project.

#1. Turn a pallet into a coffee table.

#2. Use an aluminum sheet from Home Depot as the base of a jewelry organizer.

#3. Attach frames to your floating shelves to recreate this cute look.

#4. Hang up a map and use pushpins to show where you’ve already traveled.

#5. Put colored paper in the back of wooden crates to create chic storage.

#6. Use watercolor paint to decorate your plain pillows.

#7. Use plain canvas to create your very own hammock.

#8. Create art that you can hang up from leaves you can find laying around in front of your home.

#9. Create a shoe rack out of a ladder.

#10. Create a bookshelf that can also act as your bookmark.

Create a bookshelf that can also act as your bookmark.

#11. Attach wallpaper to the underneath of your shelves for a subtle decor.

#12. Use pine wood, metal crates, and casters to create your own storage bench.

#13. Use rope to create multiple hanging shelves.

#14. Print out a photo of your pet’s face and turn it into a clock.

#15. Add some pizazz by decorating your door with big polka dots.

#16. Instead of using regular soap, make your very own unique crystal shaped soaps.

And leave them on display for bathroom decor.

#17. Build a lit up marquee sign of whatever words you want.

#18. Create some bling to one of your plain walls by creating a gemstone garland.

#19. Instead of decorating your home with expensive lighting and lighting decor, make your very own industrial looking light fixtures out of copper.

You’ll be spending $50 instead of $2000.

#20. Turn an old dinosaur toy into a cool dinosaur serving dish.

#21. Make fake succulents out of paper to help you achieve the look without having to actually take care of the plants.

#22. Attach your favorite photos to wooden triangles to make cool table centerpieces.

#23. Create a fake cactus pin cushion to hold your needles and pins.

#24. Make a headboard out of wood and enlarge and print out a photo you like to attach to it.