There is so much involved in planning a wedding. Finding the most beautiful bridal dress, elegant decorations, and the perfect location are just some of the things brides and grooms obsess over before the big day.

Capturing such an important date is a must. Whether it’s a professional photographer or a family friend who is in charge of photographing all the important moments of the day. Based on these photos, it’s difficult to tell whether someone should have put the camera down or it was perfect timing to be ready for the next shot.

Awkward Family Photos is holding a contest with the most awkward wedding photos. Here are some of the submissions.

#1. Chasing Pavement

“This was the flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. During the family photo session following the ceremony, she just lay down in exhaustion. She was not having it, and was done for the day.â€

Chasing Pavement

#2. The Hunger Game

“I was actually thrilled to be married. But I was also starving. My relatives all had the idea that if I ate anything on my wedding day, I would throw up. But seriously, it’s not normal to go all day without eating. And it’s not polite for wedding guests to continuously ding their glasses for the bride and groom to kiss when the bride is JUST TRYING TO GET A BITE IN EDGEWISE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE.â€

The Hunger Game

#3. Fan Girls

“Because every bride wants to play solitaire on her wedding day.â€

Fan Girls

#4. Objection

“I took this picture at my brother-in-law’s wedding. The couple had just finished their I DOs and were walking towards the reception area. Their 2-yr-old son was walking with them. He suddenly decided he didn’t want to walk with them anymore.â€


#5. Cornered

“We got married on a hot summer day in Texas. After taking photos outside for about 30 minutes, the heat began to get to me. The photographer caught this beauty. We call it the “Oh crap, I just got married†face.â€


#6. Cake Face

“This was taken at our wedding back in July 2014. We were cutting into our cake (we had several different kinds instead of one big one). Our photographer snapped it at just the right moment. I have no idea what is up with the expression on my face and my husband is thoroughly enjoying his piece.â€

Cake Face

#7. Paparazzi

“We got married on the beach in Playa del Carmen, and while we expected others besides our guests to be watching the ceremony, we never expected this guy. My father in law kept trying to get him to move and he just kept on taking pictures of our wedding.â€


#8. Mind of The Mulleted Man

“This photo is from our wedding which took place on March 7th, 1987. For some strange reason our wedding photographer thought it would be really romantic if my wife acted as if she were crouching inside my mullet.â€

Mind of The Mulleted Man

#9. Bridal Blowout

“We took our wedding photos in a redwood forest. We were excited about the beauty, romance, and majesty of the redwoods. After hours of preparation, we got to the forest and were met with blasting gusts of wind, including ash from the barbecue grills, and a rain-like downfall of sticks and leaves that got stuck in our clothes and hair.â€

Bridal Blowout

#10. The Uninvited

“My photographer set this one up and at the time I thought it was pretty weird but figured the photographer knew what he was doing. Unfortunately the picture turned out even creepier than I could have imagined.â€

The Uninvited

#11. The Box Out

“The girl in blue was my Maid of Honor and she was making sure that her and only her would catch the bouquet and she did.â€

The Box Out

#12. Poker Face

“After standing around smiling for pictures for what felt like hours, I thought I had a free moment to stretch my face. Guess not.â€

Poker Face

#13. Swan Dive

“This is a picture of me and my husband on our wedding day (obviously). We were posing for the photographer and this swan goes after my bouquet! The timing was just right and the photog captured the swan right as it went for it.â€

Swan Dive

#14. Father of the Bride

“My dad “inherited†an Alcatraz swim team shirt from an uncle of his and I was mortified every time he wore it in public and, well, here we are at my wedding.â€

Father of the Bride

#15. Buzzkill

“It was an unusually hot day in mid October when I got married. Every bee within ten miles thawed out and descended upon my wedding party. There were at least six of them swirling around my Dad’s head in this photo.â€


#16. Welcome To The Family

“This is a picture from our wedding day. After the ceremony, we dismissed the pews and when my new husband leaned down to kiss my Grandma on the cheek, I think he got a little more than he bargained for!â€

Welcome To The Family

#17. The Ring Bearer

“This picture is of my sister-in-law’s wedding. Her 4-yr-old son, the ring-bearer lying on the floor in the middle of the frame, is banging his foot slowly and steadily while the pastor continues with the ceremony. He was originally sitting by the pastor and the flower girl, but then he stood up, pretended to shoot himself in the chest (he even added sound effects), and “died†(in dramatic fashion w/more sound effects) at the bottom of the stairs. The kid’s foot was banging, steadily, on the hollow, wooden stairs and the sound was reverberating throughout the small church. I’m so glad I had my camera ready.â€

The Ring Bearer

#18. Bizarre Love Triangle

“What’s more awkward than your Grandfather choosing to pose in your wedding photos in a bolo tie and sandwiched in between wife number two and one? Realizing when you get your photos back that your grandma chose to be forever remembered as Nanny One Shoe.â€

Bizarre Love Triangle

#19. Training Day

“This is a photo of our family friends’ daughters wedding. It was after the ceremony with the ring bearer and the flower girl. Clearly the groom is ready for kids.â€

Training Day

#20. Flower Power

“This photo is of me and my bridesmaids. When I expressed my concerns over this shot, my photographer assured me that I would love how picture would turn out. How could I have ever doubted his professional instincts?â€

Flower Power

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