Life isn’t just about finding things you need to get by: Sometimes, you just have to indulge yourself in the stuff that you want. And if what you want happens to be a little bit bizarre, so be it: You’re a grown person and you have earned your weirdness. We commend you.

For those of you who like to get a little bit strange, this is the list you’re going to want to see. It includes all products wacky and wonderful, including items that you never knew you always needed. #8 is the summertime product of your wildest dreams.

#1. This ostrich-like pillow will help you catch a few zzz’s in the office.

#2. Admit it: You eat enough baguettes to consider this purchase critical.

#3. When the water itself just isn’t enough, why not go for the hot tub boat?

#4. This adult Big Wheel will have you stunting on all of ’em.

#5. This bike attachment makes your ride sound like a horse clopping down the street. In other words, %100 necessary.

#6. These cat ear headphones will make everyone jealous.

#7. Relive your college years with these bad boys.

#8. A 50-foot slip-and-slide is obviously the most important purchase you’ll ever make.

#9. This indoor nest would look great in your living room.

#10. A Blade Runner Light Saber LED Flash Light Umbrella seems necessary for your survival.

#11. Because you really just loved the Alien movies.

#12. You’re not the type to camp in something as silly as a tent.

#13. A floor chair that looks like bread would look great in your den.

#14. As would this gigantic inflatable silver dog.

#15. An invisible bike looks pretty awesome in motion — if not slightly dangerous.

#16. And finally, the most important chair of your lifetime: 120 comfy balls, sewn together for your comfort.