Playing ball is a universal invitation to be outside, having fun, and playing your favourite sport. Be it baseball, soccer, basketball, and many others, the power of the ball is everywhere. The online community of photographers, Photocrowd, held a photo contest appropriately named Ball Game.

Shutterbugs from around the world submitted their best photograph of action-packed, playful, and competitive games of ball. The expressions on people’s faces in the images match the excitement of the game they are playing. We would love to know if the athlete in the contest winner photo scored?

“Games in spheres” Johvi, Estonia

"Games in spheres" Johvi, Estonia

Nikolai Barchan

“Burkina Ball” Burkina Faso, West Africa

"Burkina Ball" Burkina Faso, West Africa

Chuck Bigger

“Batter-up” Pensacola, FL

"Batter-up" Pensacola, FL


“Keeping up” Havana, Cuba

"Keeping up" Havana, Cuba

Lucy Higgins

CONTEST WINNER: “Under 21 Underwater Rugby Colombian Team” Medellin, Colombia

CONTEST WINNER: "Under 21 Underwater Rugby Colombian Team" Medellin, Colombia

camilo diaz

“NFL game action”Buffalo, NY

"NFL game action"Buffalo, NY

Rob Skeoch

“Shot on a sunny day” Caracas, Venezuela

"Shot on a sunny day" Caracas, Venezuela

Marisol Ortega

“Boys playing marbles in Cambodia” Cambodia

"Boys playing marbles in Cambodia" Cambodia


“World Cup Jakarta” Indonesia

"World Cup Jakarta" Indonesia


“Snow Flurry” Guernsey

"Snow Flurry" Guernsey

Andy Dovey

“0-0” Alba lulia, Romania

"0-0" Alba lulia, Romania


“Township Team” Cape Peninsular, South Africa

"Township Team" Cape Peninsular, South Africa

Julia Martin

“Lacrosse Youth Provincials – Snowing in March!” Burnaby, Vancouver, BC

"Lacrosse Youth Provincials – Snowing in March!" Burnaby, Vancouver, BC


“Spot the ball” London, England

"Spot the ball" London, England

Dave Feaster

“Shot of Joy” Kolkata, India

"Shot of Joy" Kolkata, India

Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury

“Muddy Football”

"Muddy Football"

Chee Keong Lim

Photo Crowd