09 – Lemmy




It’s perhaps not surprising that the man who wrote Ace Of Spades is a big gambling nut. But for the man born Ian Fraser Kilmister, it’s not poker or blackjack that’s the draw – no, Motorhead’s bassist and lead singer loves nothing more than an evening spent playing the slots. As Dave Vanian, the lead singer of The Damned, recalls in the award-winning documentary Lemmy: The Movie; “At one of the clubs in London we used to frequent, you’d go in there and every time – and I mean, every time – Lemmy would be there stood at the one-armed bandit. And he’d still be there by the time it came to leave. He’d just play and play. I don’t know how much he lost or won. But he seemed very at home there with a Jack and Coke in one hand and the handle of the one-armed bandit in the other.”


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