Rockers, royals, movie stars, sportsmen – the A-listers who love to the casino lifestyle.

10 – Dan Blizerian

Dan Blizerian

Dan Blizerian

As live casino connoisseurs attest, Dan Bilzerian is someone who has become famous because of gambling. Sure, he has some outside interests – he has worked as a stuntman and played a supporting role in the Mark Wahlberg film Lone Survivor. However, it’s for gambling – or rather, the brilliant way in which he has marketed himself as an international playboy – that the ‘Instagram King’ is most widely recognised. Quite how successful a punter ‘Blitz’ has been is hard to say. Although he did once win $36,000 in the World Series of Poker Main Event, talk of him scouring pots worth several million dollars remain difficult to confirm. That said, between constantly being photographed with a coterie of beautiful women and co-starring with Verne Troyer in commercials for, few would deny that Bilzerian is a gaming personality who’s well on the way to becoming genuinely famous.


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