Since rising to stardom through the Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon has proven himself to be not only a skilled and versatile actor but one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. He’s worked with some of the greatest directors of the past two decades, whilst being critically acclaimed for his own writing for the screen. Choosing which of Damon’s 50+ films deserve a place in the top ten is no easy task, but we’ll offer a few for consideration.

10 – Contagion (2011)



Thrilling and eerily realistic, Contagion documents the emergence and spread of a global pandemic. Through multiple narratives, the film portrays the efforts of medical authorities to quarantine and cure the seemingly unstoppable deadly virus, but also the plight of normal civilians trying to survive in a growingly archaic world. Damon plays one such civilian, a man who loses his wife and stepson to the supervirus. As the details of his deceased wife’s last business trip come to light, and uncertainty over whether his teenage daughter has inherited his immunity mounts, Damon’s character deals with overwhelming emotional conflict and fear – a portrayal which Damon perfects.


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